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Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas

Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas first opened its doors in Tobago nearly 20 years ago. The company’s founder, Natalie Mahabir, started in property development in England in the latter part of the 1980’s and with the encouragement of her husband, architect John Otway, started a project management company in Tobago in the early 1990’s. The relaxing of the restrictions to foreigners purchasing property in Tobago in 1990 saw an upswing in the economy on the island and real estate in Tobago started to become a dynamic industry. Natalie entered into a real estate partnership in 1997, looking to fulfill the needs of a growing sector.

Deciding to go out on her own three years later, Natalie envisioned a progressive real estate company that would meet the needs of clients with professionalism, integrity and a dedication to customer service. With this vision in mind, Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas began operation in September 2000 and Natalie has seen the company thrive from its first year of business.

In September 2001, Ricardo Gaston-Johnston, drawn by the modus operandi of the company, joined Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas. In 2001, Ricardo was fairly new to the real estate industry but he had a strong sales background, with over 25 years’ experience in both Trinidad & Tobago. He started in insurance and moved on to the printing business and his own distribution company.

The increase in property sales in Tobago led to an increase in holiday villas and holidaymakers, both local and foreign. Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas started with just a handful of rental villas but over the years has developed a wide portfolio of villas and apartments for short- and long-term rental. Sabre Otway, the Villa Manager, ensures the properties are maintained to the highest standards. Sabre also liaises with guests to arrange car rentals, island tours and excursions and a free pre-stocking service.

Despite the many challenges faced by Tobago and the real estate industry, Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas has forged ahead to become an industry leader. The market has improved significantly over the past couple of years and the company continues to thrive. As they approach their 15th year of operation, Caribbean Estates, Lands & Villas is confidently looking forward to the continued development of Tobago and expansion of the real estate business over the next 15 years.

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